Thursday, June 5, 2008

Searching for Matt Talbot Biographies on "Amazon"

One very useful resource to search for books about Matt Talbot is at "" It will provide you with most books that have been written about him since his death in 1925. Some more recent books are available for purchase but most are currently unavailable; some of these titles do, however, become available at a later date.

For those books that are currently unavailable, it may still be worthwhile to click the title and see the date and publisher. We have occasionally noted that a long out-of-print small book has been found elsewhere on the web in booklet or pamphlet format for free or a small cost through a nonprofit organization.

A few of the books within the "Matt Talbot" search do not seem to relate to Matt. Others, however, may have an "excerpt," in which Matt Talbot is mentioned. By clicking the highlighted page number, the "Amazon Online Reader" may appear which allows you to read that which pertains to Matt and sometimes even other parts of the book. For example, one book listed is titled, Healing, by Francis MacNutt; Matt is mentioned on page 129 in the introduction of a chapter on "The Basic Four Types of Healing." It is possible that this chapter is something you might want to read beyond just the reference to Matt.

It might be worthwhile to also check We have noted that at least a few books and publishers in Ireland and the United Kingdom do not necessarily appear at