Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Matt Talbot and "The Irish Way"

One of the earliest, if not the earliest, book chapters on Matt Talbot was published seven years after his death by Frank (F. J.) Sheed in his book, The Irish Way, published by Sheed & Ward publishing house in London in 1932.
In this collection of eighteen portraits of Irish saints and other exemplary Catholics from the Irish past who devoted their lives to faith and religion, Sheed describes Matt Talbot as the authentic Irish Catholic layman, and the first "Irish layman who had even been thought of for canonization."
The actual details of Matt's life that Sheed used for this portrait are from the bibliography of Matt by Sir Joseph Glynn, which can be found at

The full text of The Irish Way can be found at :
The 16 page chapter on Matt Talbot is located at the end of the book, pp 327-343.

One article about Frank Sheed can be found at