Monday, October 25, 2010

Mother Nealis' painting of Matt Talbot

This is a picture of a painting of Matt Talbot by Mother Margaret Mary Realis, R.S.C.J. It appears at two links. One is included in Life of Matt Talbot (1942) by Sir Joseph A. Glynn online
at , facing page 80.
Sir Glynn states in the preface to this particular book edition, page iv, that "some who knew Matt Talbot well consider that this picture, drawn, of course, from descriptions, bears a striking resemblance to him."
The second online source of this painting appears in a 1993 M.A. thesis titled, The Soul pictures of Margaret Mary Nealis, R.S.C,J., 1876-1957, by Apollonia Schofield at Once the PDF is downloaded, go to page 194, Figure 84. The painting of Matt is titled, "Man with Boy and Girl (Max Talbot), 1937, lost."
An abstract of this thesis can be found at