Saturday, March 26, 2011


Dr. Heather Barnett Veague has recently published the book, Cutting and Self-Harm (2008), for teens and young adults. While she includes present day age-appropriate case studies in this text of important psychological disorders, it may be arguably inappropriate to have included a side-bar story about Matt Talbot, considering the time and place in which he lived, historical influences, and the guidance of a spiritual director. Most Christian ascetics choose a life of penance and mortification of the soul not out of masochist leanings, but for the imitation of Christ in real-life.

The first link includes the brief story about Matt, pages 14-15, but most of the book is not available for preview. (You may need to insert “Matt Talbot” in the “search in this book” box.) The second link provides most of the text of the book, but the Matt Talbot pages are not readable.