Saturday, July 7, 2012

Matt Talbot's Coming Home

In a 2007 homily Fr. Michel de Verteuil states,
“Lord, a conversion experience is always a home-coming:
- turning away from an addiction,
- being reconciled with our family,
- forgiving an old hurt,
- going to confession after a long absence.

Once we are there we look back and wonder at our resistance.
Here was something that we needed in order to live, and yet we did not recognise it;
the truth of ourselves demanded it, and yet we did not accept to do it.

Now, Lord, by your grace, we know that your Word has been made flesh
and found a home in us.
Thank you, Lord.”

Note: With Matt Talbot’s conversion experience and recovery from alcoholism, the Word of God found a home in him.  Listening to the Word in Mass and reading the Bible became daily spiritual practices.