Sunday, December 8, 2013

From Alcoholic To Sainthood - The Story of Matt Talbot

In the January 2013 issue of Catholic Truth, a bi-monthly newsletter, the article about Matt Talbot is prefaced by the following comment:
“Much is made of the New Year holiday in Scotland, with many, if not most families affected in some way by the attendant drink problems.
Alcohol related health issues and crimes, notably domestic abuse and other violence, are a growing cause for concern in Scotland. 
We cross the Irish Sea,therefore, to draw hope and inspiration from the example of Matt Talbot who used his Catholic Faith to conquer his alcohol addiction.”
The article can be read at, pages 4-5.
Note that at the end of this article, the name and contact for the Vice-Postulator is not Fr. Flaherty but rather 
Fr. Brian Lawless
Parish of St. Agatha
North William Street
Dublin 1.