Monday, March 3, 2014

A Lenten Challenge

Venerable Matt Talbot was a member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. Neknomination (or neck nomination), referred to in this article, is an online drinking game.
"Lent is almost upon us - Ash Wednesday falls on 5th March. This year the Pioneer Association is asking people to take a short term pledge for the Lenten season. They hope that by signing up to their Lenten challenge the general public will take time to reflect on the negative role that alcohol often plays in our society and help transform society's often over-indulgent attitude towards it.

The new phenomenon of Neknomination, which has already led to several deaths, has added a fresh hazard to the abuse of alcohol. The Pioneers are asking Irish people to consider taking a break from alcohol, and taking time to reflect on their relationship with it: and this not just to avoid abuse, but to claim the bonus of improved physical and mental health; and to offer the challenge up as a prayer for someone they know who has a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

Those who are ready to sign up to the Lenten challenge, can do so by visiting our website and completing the process online.


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