Thursday, May 8, 2014

Terry Nelson's 2014 Image of Venerable Matt Talbot

Terry Nelson unveiled his new image of Venerable Matt Talbot today at

      Ven. Matt Talbot by Terry Nelson, 2014

Terry’s narrative about this painting is available at, a portion of which is reproduced here:

”In this painting I depict Matt around the age he died, he is holding a rosary indicating his devotion to Our Lady and the means of his overcoming addiction.  I relied upon the sculpture of Matt in Dublin and the only known photo of him to capture the likeness I produced in my painting.  In the background is a facsimile or impression of Newcomen  Bridge crossing the Royal Canal, at the moment when he decided to stop drinking at the age of 28.  On the other side - as if completing the bridge - which symbolizes conversion, we see the door of a church, within Matt being embraced by Christ.  This is suggestive of the doctrine of St. Catherine of Siena who understood the cross - or rather Christ Crucified - as the bridge between men and God.”

His increasingly popular 2009 image of Matt Talbot is below:

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