Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Purpose in Life

Matt Talbot’s purpose in life until his 28th year of life was basically to work and drink. Then one Saturday when his mates refused to buy him drinks, he experienced his personal “bottom,” took the pledge not to drink, and returned fully to the Catholic Church, remaining sober until his death 41 years later.
"All of us have a purpose in life. God put us here because of his great plan for us. He has also equipped us with the right grace, strength, intelligence, etc.  for us to fulfill this purpose or mission he has planned for us. But we have a choice whether to accept this mission or not.

When we do accept the mission, we can go through it properly doing the best that we can do for the greater glory of God or we can do it half-heartedly out of laziness or maybe not do it at all for fear of the unknown future. Again the choice is ours. The more blessings we receive, the more we are called to be of service to others and share these blessings. It is good to remember though that whatever choices we make there are consequences. This is the task we have at hand… the choice is ours.