Friday, January 16, 2015

90th Anniversary Year of Ven. Matt Talbot's Death

Whereas the actual date of Matt Talbot’s death is 7 June 1925, this special year will be filled with Novena Masses and other events by the Matt Talbot Dublin Diocesan Committee.
The first scheduled event is noted below and future events will be posted at (as well as this Resource Center blog for major events).

“This year marks the 90th Anniversary of Ven. Matt Talbot's entry into Eternal Life. We pray that it will also be the year in which Matt is raised to the Altars of the Saints. Why not join us in pray this year, especially for those suffering from any form of addiction, those in recovery, their families and the wider community affected by the scourge of alcohol and drug misuse. Venerable Matt pray for us.”