Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Impact of Visiting the Venerable Matt Talbot Shrine in Dublin

We are grateful to readers of this blog who share their reflections about the perceived impact of Matt Talbot in their lives. One such reader, Brian W., has given us permission to post his reflection:
“In 1978, as a tourist to Dublin, I serendipitously visited the shrine of the Venerable Matt Talbot. At the time, I was a non-practicing Methodist. In spite of being the grandson of a Methodist minister, I had left that denomination over the politicization of their services and lukewarmness of their spirituality.
I had also developed a drinking problem—I slowly became aware that I was spending every waking moment either getting drunk or recovering from the previous occurrence. I had quit drinking unsuccessfully many times by that point.
When I visited the shrine, I was unfamiliar with the Catholic veneration of saints, but thoroughly intrigued with the story of Matt’s history and conversion. I spontaneously gave as sincerely a prayer as I ever have for Matt to intercede to me quit drinking.
This did not happen immediately. But on New Year’s Eve, 1980, I become very ill from drinking. On this occasion, I finally did succeed in quitting. The more time has passed since that inflection point in my life, the clearer it seems that it was the intercession of Matt Talbot in response to that prayer that made the difference.”

 Note:  The Venerable Matt Talbot Shrine is located at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Sean McDermott St, Dublin