Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Prayer for a Miracle of Healing

Personally knowing the power of prayer and facing yet another deadly health challenge poignantly described at, Robert asked his uncle, Monsignor Bill, who knew of Matt Talbot, to write a prayer for him.  This is that prayer:
Venerable Matt Talbot, you sobered up through a simple daily program of complete reliance on God after pledging yourself to live without alcohol. You did this with the encouragement and guidance of two spiritual  directors. You lived your Catholic faith after the example of Mary our mother and her beloved Son\, Jesus our Savior.  You began each day with Mass and Holy Communion.  You prayed and fasted  constantly.  You gave what little you possessed or earned through your hard work to the poor.
We come to you,  Dear Matt, on behalf of our beloved Robert who has suffered so much since his fall. We are asking you to intercede for a miracle of healing for Robert from the cancer that threatens to take his life.  Please go to Jesus and Mary and plead with them for this great favor.  We will be grateful to you for all our lives.
Conclude with 3 our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary’s and conclude with: O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you. Immaculate Heart of Mary we hope in you.  Venerable, Matt Talbot, please hear our prayers. AmenAmen