Monday, June 6, 2016

The Life of the Venerable Matt Talbot

Although this article was published on the author's website ( in January 2016 simply to feature Matt Talbot, Will Ross noted in an exchange of emails with us that this article was actually written by him several years ago using older references but somewhat updated last year using “snippets” of more current online resources. In addition, Will noted that it was not written or intended to be a scholarly article with references.
Although we have received his permission to repost the entire lengthy article, we are just reposting part of its introduction. 

"The Life of the Servant of God, The Venerable Matt Talbot
by Will Ross 
January 21, 2016 

Throughout human history, God has given His Church – and through the Church, us – Saints. These men and women are our shining examples, our beacons of light and hope in a world of darkness and sin. We look to them, are inspired by them, learn from them and receive their prayerful assistance. The Saints are our brothers and sisters who are already in Heaven. In life they were not perfect by any means; they struggled with the same temptations as do all of us, and had to rely greatly on the grace of God in overcoming their own personal difficulties and human failings. Some reached the heights of sanctity very quickly in life, while others had a longer and more arduous path in attaining holiness. Interestingly, God always seems to provide just the right type of Saint to inspire the Faithful of a particular day and age.

Irish Spirituality is most often associated with the Celtic Monks, who lived lives of great holiness as a result of personal struggle and austerity; their mortification detached them from the love of self in all its forms, and allowed them to become truly focused on God.

And such is the case with Matthew Talbot. But unlike those earlier monks, Matt lived much more recently – dying only in 1925 – and he was not a member of any religious order. Rather, he lived a very simple and humble life in the midst of a bustling city, and in that life he discovered the Presence and the power of the Living God...