Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Free Pre-AA History Book

A Pre-AA History Book: A Study of Synchronic Events Between Years 1926 and 1935 which Culminated in the Birth of Alcoholics Anonymous
by Bob S

According to the author, the purpose of this book is "to present a brief sketch of AA prehistory in hopes of attracting an interest in the exciting past of Alcoholics Anonymous."

He states his book does not attempt to delve deeply into pre-AA history, but simply provides a number of short snippets and photographs of some key figures that influenced the beginning of 
AA such as  Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob Smith, Dr. Carl Jung, Rowland Hazard, Ebby Thacher, Dr. William Silkworth, Lois Wilson, and Rev. Sam Shoemaker among others.

This free twenty-eight page online book is intentionally not available for sale. It is the author's hope that readers will print it not only for their own research but also pass it on to sponsees, Home Group, District, Area, Intergroup, local clubhouses, AA friends, and interested casual readers.

The author clearly notes that the book is of his own doing and is not endorsed by any Alcoholics Anonymous Group, District, Area or GSO or other agency of Alcoholics Anonymous.

At the same time, people in Ireland and other countries were beginning to learn about an alcoholic who became a holy man, named Matt Talbot (1856-1925), through the multiple editions of a biography written by Sir Joseph Glynn beginning in 1926 and continuing over the next two decades. Within a year of the first publication, copies were translated into fourteen languages.

While AA did not yet exist during Matt's lifetime,  a former Vice-Postulator for the Cause of Venerable Matt Talbot stated
that elements of the twelve steps can be identified in Matt's life. (Matt Talbot: Hope for Addicts, 2001, pp 20-27)