Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Matt Talbot's Inspirational Victory Over Addiction

This informative video, published on Sep 16, 2017, features multiple speakers.

"Theme of documentary- The amount of families in Ireland and every other country in the world who are afflicted by an addiction of one sort or another is very high, and addiction more than anything else, destroys families. Many families have lived tortured lives because what do you do when a member of your family gets addicted to alcohol or drugs? The alcoholic or addict usually ends up going t
o any lengths to feed their addiction, to the detriment of the wider family. 

Where do people in such an awful scenario go for help? What do they do? When many of them hear about the inspirational story of Matt Talbot and how he overcame his chronic alcoholism, they’re inspired and encouraged to try and overcome their addiction and begin the difficult journey from darkness to light. Matt Talbot is nowadays the number one patron for countless people all over the world who are suffering from addiction and are struggling to find recovery.

This 50-minute radio documentary investigates: (a)[ Matt Talbot’s inspirational life-example and why his story resonates so strongly with our modern world; and (b). the huge interest nowadays in Matt Talbot in Ireland and abroad. More than anything else, this documentary aims to highlight Matt Talbot’s story of redemption and hope, and in so doing perhaps inspire any listener who’s suffering from addiction, or knows someone suffering from addiction, to follow his example of walking the difficult (but worthwhile) path from addiction to recovery. * 

This 50-minute radio documentary is to be downloaded for non-profit purposes only, in adherence with the universal truth- “What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for others remains. It is immortal.”