Saturday, September 1, 2018

The “Matt Talbot Hope Book” Journey Continues

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At last! After a nonstop week in Dublin, Ireland at the World Meeting of Families, I've finally had a moment to share this picture of the Matt Talbot Hope Book at the shrine of Matt Talbot. All of the names you've sent were carefully written on these pages of this little book, which I placed with love and tears (quite a few!) on Matt's tomb just hours after Pope Francis had briefly stopped by on August 25. Security restrictions on the papal route through Dublin prevented me from being there when the Pope was (believe me, I tried and I cried!), but I did make it to the shrine that evening, and I spent quiet time in prayer for these precious souls in the notebook.

Now, this journey is far from over. The Matt Talbot Hope Book is back in the US for now, where it will be lifted up at a monthly Mass celebrated by Father Douglas McKay of Our House Ministries. We will continue to add names and print a second notebook if needed before we return to Ireland within the next 12 to 18 months ("please God," as our Irish friends would say). At that time, the book will be entrusted to Father Brian Lawless, the vice postulator of Matt's cause for canonization.

While kneeling before Matt's tomb, I discerned that our work here -- like the cause for Matt's canonization -- is still very much in process. We have much to do: names to add, sacrifices to make, prayers (many prayers) to lift up, and more souls to reach with the good news that Christ can and will heal addiction, if we will entrust ourselves and our loved ones fully to Him and do as He asks. We need to let those in bondage to addiction know that they are not worthless or hopeless; we need to fight for greater mental health treatment and insurance coverage; we need to stand up to corrupt pharmaceutical companies and transnational criminal networks that flood our nation with narcotics; we need to minister to families utterly brokenhearted and disillusioned by the cycle of addiction.

Please, my friends -- let's continue this journey together, and may Matt Talbot and all the saints and angels, guided by the Blessed Mother (to whom Matt had an intense devotion) intercede for us.

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