Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Significant Venerable Matt Talbot Activist

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Grzegorz Jakielski
"When I prepared 100 praying cards 7 years ago with the prayer for the beatification of Venerable Matt Talbot, I planned that it would be the first and last 100 cards that I will prepare.

But God's plan was different. I would not believe if someone told me then that after seven year I will distribute materials about Matt in such a large amount not only in Poland but also to the furthest corners of the Earth. Not only in Polish, but also foreign languages.

Because the spontaneous action "from the need of the heart" has grown to incredible proportions I officially asked my Bishop for Imprimatur for the prayer for beatification of Venerable Matt Talbot.


Romuald Kamiński, Bishop of Warsaw-Prague

In response to a request dated 22 February 2019 after consulting the censor pursuant to the canon 827§3 and 830 of the Code of Canon Law I grant IMPRIMATUR for printing: Prayer for the beatification of Venerable Matt Talbot (for private recitation).
The following must be included in the print: With the consent of the Curia of Warsaw-Prague from 20.03.2019 with number 374(K)2019.
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