Friday, November 30, 2007

Biographies About Matt Talbot

Perhaps the most readily available biographies about Matt Talbot are listed here. Whereas there is some overlap, each author has a different focus on the life, times, and religious/recovery practices of Matt and provides detailed information not included in the other books. Therefore, all of these titles are recommended.

Matt Talbot and His Times (1977) by Mary Purcell

Remembering Matt Talbot (1954,1990) by Mary Purcell

Matt Talbot: His struggle and His Victory Over Alcoholism (1992) by Susan Helen Wallace

Matt Talbot (Second Edition, 2001), Eddie Doherty

To Slake a Thirst: The Matt Talbot Way to Sobriety (2000) by Philip Maynard

Perhaps the easiest way to purchase these available books (and read the reviews) is to Google "Amazon. com." Some are in print and others are available only as used books. Doing a Google or Catholic search on the internet with the book title in quotation marks will also bring up books and information and links not available through Amazon. Catholic (and secular) bookstores may carry one or more of these titles or can obtain them through their distributors. Catholic colleges and universities may have some titles in their collections. Larger public libraries may have some titles on their shelves or in storage. The publisher of each book above is not listed since it may have changed through the years or is now out of existence.

There are also older MT biographies that are not listed above (but will be listed and discussed in future posts on this site) that are less readily available but some are listed on Amazon. Some of these books and especially rarer copies of older biographies periodically are for sale on eBay.