Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Booklets about Matt Talbot

These booklets are well worth reading. Two of them are specifically related to Matt's conversion and program of recovery in light of the 12-steps of AA.

BOOKLETS (as listed and described on the Matt Talbot Retreats website):

17. “Matt Talbot and Alcoholics Anonymous” - A 32 page booklet that details the life and times of Matt Talbot and then presents an analysis by an A.A. member of how his triumph over alcoholism parallels the Twelve Steps of the A.A. Program. An excellent publication that has historically been presented to new retreatants at the time they receive their medallions.

18. “The Mystery of Matt Talbot” - A 27 page booklet by Fr. Morgan Costelloe, former Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Matt Talbot. It explains the spiritual program that Matt Talbot adhered to in overcoming his alcoholism and ultimately forming a close union with God. Detailed are the principle elements in the lives of Irish monks which closely parallel those of Matt Talbot’s life. Imported from Ireland.

19. “Matt Talbot - Hope for Addicts” - A 30 page booklet by Fr. Morgan Costelloe, former Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Matt Talbot. Describes the historical times in which Matt Talbot battled his alcoholism and ties in the events of Matt's life with the Twelve Steps and the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement of the United States. Imported from Ireland.

20. “In The Spirit Of Our Program” - A 32 page booklet containing prayers for morning, quiet time, and evening, recovery reflections, suggested guidelines for daily meditation, and a description of Matt Talbot. Typically used throughout weekend retreats and as a tool for daily prayer and meditation.

21. “The Making of Matt Talbot” - Thirty two page biography of Matt Talbot by Mary Purcell who is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Matt and his Times. Ms. Purcell's full length biography of Matt is available from major booksellers. Imported from Ireland.

These booklets can be ordered at http://www.matttalbotretreats.org/gps.html.