Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mary, the Rosary, and a Matt Talbot Story

This story appears at the end of the "Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God" homily given by Fr. John J. Lombardi. The complete homily is available on the "Source" link

Story: I was giving a talk to some drug addicts recently, speaking about Mary and the Rosary and how one drinker-man, Irishman Matt Talbott used and wore a Rosary in his overcoming of his addiction (Pope John Paul declared him "Venerable," the first step to becoming a saint). . A client-man at the talk, obviously worn by life and drugs, became intrigued by this sacred story, and with the sacred discipline and sacramental beauty of the Rosary. He looked around-seemingly wanting one of these "weapons" and helps--a Rosary. Then I noticed my friend, Paul, whom I brought with me on this venture, sitting next to the guy, taking his Rosary off his hand-which he kept and had religiously (!)-and then gave it to the man. A selfless act, I remember thinking. The man, a non-Catholic as far as I know, put it on his wrist and his face registered a spiritually liberating contentment-now more fully empowered and armored for The Battle. So: do what saints do-like that man-both of them-- give the Love of Mary, the Rosary and its prayerful power--away to others. And: reach out for one. She can help save souls. She, Mary, is Our Mother-and the neediest, drug addicts included, are looking for you to help them -to Jesus thru Mary