Friday, December 21, 2007

Other Proposed Uses of the " Matt Talbot Way"

The name, Matt Talbot, is overwhelmingly thought of solely in the context of alcoholism. Yet, a few have suggested other applications for "his way." For example, Philip Maynard, in his book, TO SLAKE A THIRST: The Matt Talbot Way to Sobriety (2000), has written a chapter on using "the MT way" in giving up cigarettes and another for controlling weight. Terry Nelson suggests a possible application for celibacy at

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Although it was his mother's wish that he marry before she died, Matt chose to remain single and be celibate. In her very readable but highly selective biography, Matt Talbot: His Struggle and His Victory Over Alcoholism (1992), Susan Helen Wallace, FSP, notes that in 1892 a "good Catholic girl," who worked as the cook for a Protestant clergyman, informed Matt that she had saved enough money to buy a house and live comfortably and asked if he (age 36 and in his eighth year of sobriety) would consider marrying her. In response Matt said he would make a novena to Our Lady and ask her for the will of her Son. Nine days later he informed this young woman that Our Lady had told him not to marry. Also according to Wallace (2000), Matt told a trusted friend years later that because he did not have a wife and children, he believed he had an obligation to be generous and self-sacrificing with others.