Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Turn to Matt Talbot to end slaughter on roads"

This may be the only article that makes reference to Matt Talbot in relation to drunk driving. (We do not necessarily agree with all of the content of this article.) (JB)
Limerick Leader
07 February 2008

EVERYONE bemoans the slaughter on the roads. That being so, it is not fitting that rational human beings should throw up their hands as if there were nothing they could do about the problem.

The problem happens to be both spiritual and material and both aspects need to be addressed.

Here the Government has double standards. It welcomes the advertising of alcohol while it funds a Road Safety Association. All the time it surely is aware that drink is the cause of most accidents.

The spiritual aspect of the problem can only be spiritually minded people, e.g. The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association.

What needs publicity is the cause of Matt Talbot, an addict from the age of twelve, born in the slums, who conquered the temptation to drink without help from any association, but through prayer and trust in God. It is there for the asking for any addict.

Herein the Church could give the lead by organising a nine day novena in honour of the Venerable Matt for the sole purpose of ending the wilful slaughter on the roads. No individual should dismiss the problem as if there were nothing he/she could do. That is opting out, while every action has a reaction, so that nobody can say there is nothing he/she can do. The poet has said "Be not like dumb driven cattle……."Where are the liberals?
This is surely a cause they can embrace with no fear of criticism.