Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Documentary on the Life of the Venerable Matt Talbot

In a series of documentaries titled, "Bringing the Saints Into Focus," produced by the Focus World Wide Network (focustv.org), one sixty minute documentary features the life of Matt Talbot.

In its promotional clip lasting 1:36 minutes, which can be viewed at https://shop.focustvonline.com/p-309-bringing-the-saints-into-focusthe-venerable-matt-talbot.aspx, we see a photograph of Matt, chains that he wore and hear their purpose, his room, a street memorial where he died, and his casket being transported to its initial burial site. Apart from the narrator Fr. Brendan Quinlan, P.P. , who has served on the Dublin Diocesan Matt Talbot Committee, appears and comments on aspects of Matt's life.

After viewing the clip in its presented size, the viewer may want to replay the clip enlarged on your computer screen. It may also be worthwhile in replaying the clip to periodically stop it by clicking the screen to study and meditate on a particular photograph.

While we have not yet seen the complete DVD, we did note one error in the clip; the narrator states that Matt died in 1925 at the age of 71 rather than at the correct age of 69.