Thursday, April 30, 2009

"So Great a Cloud: A Record of Christian Witness"

So Great a Cloud
This paperback book by Fr. Stephen Redmond, SJ about saintly people, including Matt Talbot, might be of interest. It is available from Veritas Publications or through Amazon.

The following is the publisher's description:

What is a saint? Many may think of the ‘heroes of the early Church’ like St Peter and Thérèse of Lisieux, but the list extends onwards through time to contemporary saints like Matt Talbot and Edel Quinn. So Great a Cloud tells the story of these saints, old and new, be they clergy, laity, scholars, highprofile or less known, all with one thing in common – their ability to challenge and encourage us. The book can also be seen as a history of the Church in terms of outstanding Christians, illuminated by Stephen Redmond’s original poetic verses.The success stories of this ‘communion of saints’ remind us that the pilgrim Church, despite its human failings, is essentially a way to God, a God that, historically and redemptively, remains ‘one of us’.

Stephen Redmond SJ is a Jesuit priest, author and composer. Previously a history teacher, he has a great interest in the lives of saints.