Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspiration for the song, "In Your Presence Lord 'Matt Talbot'

We have noted earlier today that Noeleen Murphy has released a new CD in remembrance of Matt Talbot

We greatly appreciate Noeleen kindly agreeing for us to post a letter she wrote to us about the
circumstances surrounding her song:

“I do believe Matt Talbot touched your heart the way he touched mine. I knew very little about his life until my husband was given an image of the Venerable Matt Talbot. When the image was placed on the wall and it was blessed, from that day Matt Talbot touched my heart. The words of the song gave me to feel the feeling, the sadness of his life. He handed everything over to Jesus.

When I asked my husband to type the words of the song for me, he asked me for the name of the song. At that time I didn’t have the name of the song, and once again I asked Matt for his help. I looked up at the image and said, “this is not my life, it is yours.” Within a few minutes it came into my head the name of the song, “In Your Presence Lord ‘Matt Talbot.’” I was very excited just to get the name of the song and to have it finished. I later found out when Matt was asked, “What do you be doing in the church?” he would answer, “I was in the presence of the Lord.” So that was the first time it was confirmed for me.

I went to visit Matt Talbot’s tomb and could not stop crying; my husband was with me that day. A lady gave him two prayer cards, and when he looked at them, he said, “O my God! Look what is on the top of the card.” I could not look at it. I told him I would see it when we returned to our car. When I got into the car, my husband handed me the prayer card. On the top of the prayer card it said, “Asking Matt’s help in the presence of the Lord.” And that is what I did; my life has changed. We go and visit churches and prayer groups promoting the Cause of the Venerable Matt Talbot.”