Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New “Matt Talbot Way of Recovery Support Network” Online

According to Paul at Sober Catholic (, a new Matt Talbot Way of Recovery Yahoo Group Online has now been established. Directions for joining are available at his link. The following description about this group is available at


Catholic? Are you suffering from an addiction, or trying to maintain your recovery? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Matt Talbot Way of Recovery, a Yahoo Group where you can find other Catholics who are alcoholics or addicts. Our purpose is to transfer our love for our addictive substance or behavior onto Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to grow in the Catholic Faith and to stay sober, clean and chaste! Share with other members in your emails or direct postings here your struggles with sobriety, chastity, drugs and other addictions. Whether it is something directly related to your addiction and struggle to stay free, or maybe a life problem that in the past was your excuse to practice your addiction, email the Group or post here your thoughts, feelings and concerns.

In the process we will also learn about Venerable Matt Talbot, an Irishman who gave up drinking and who by all accounts basically lived the Twelve Steps, even though they had not been even conceived and written down yet. He lived a sober life, without a Twelve Step Movement to support him, by living out the Catholic sacraments.

We are NOT affiliated with ANY recovery movement. Doesn't matter what other recovery program you've used (or still use, or even if you've ever used one), all Catholics faithful to the Church or who desire to be faithful but are finding it difficult are welcome. No criticism of other member's recovery programs (or lack of) will be permitted. Charitable, sensitive opinions offered are acceptable. Bring your experience in recovery to the forums and in messages, but be tolerant of different approaches. As long as they work, its cool.

This place is NOT a substitute for therapy or medical help. All advice and suggestions are based on one's personal experience, and may not be suitable for all. If you have mental or medical complications due to your addiction, please see qualified personnel.”

Disclaimer: The placing of information on our Venerable Matt Talbot Resource Center site from external linked sources does not necessarily imply agreement with that information or content.