Saturday, February 9, 2013

Faith & Spirituality Resources Related to Addiction

[The very informative “Irish Bishops Drugs Initiative” website at has recently been updated and is well worth your time to systemically review its content.
As only one example of additional information, the current “Faith & Spiritually” section at
has been reproduced below.]

Church: drugs and drug addiction

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2 Spirituality & Substance Misuse Each of us is a gift of God. When we give a gift to a meaningful person in our lives, we hope they will like and appreciate the gift we give them. God is like this, …
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Matt Talbot

Venerable Matt Talbot He was born on 2nd May 1856 in humble circumstance in Dublin’s inner city, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Talbot. In post-famine years Dublin and the rest of Ireland was in distressed state: an era of grinding poverty and appalling living conditions. Yet it was also a time when the Faith …
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12 Step Spirituality

Intercom Oct-2005 12 STEP SPIRITUALITY A programme of living for everyone As it’s main focus12-step Spirituality is based on the principle of living not in the yesterday, not in the tomorrow, but living in the day – today, one day at a time and allowing God to be God in my life. This spirituality is …
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Spirituality Perspective

Spirituality: Perspectives from Theory and Experience Irrespective of the language used, the process in all cases is one of fundamental discovery by the individual that they have an inner life that can help them become free persons – Christian spirituality seeks to free people and increase their freedom to choose to be people who …
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Homily notes

4. Homily Notes Temperance Sunday 10 Feb 2013 A good resource is Bishop Eamonn Walshe in February Intercom when he writes about balance and the forthcoming publication of prayers for those affected by addiction. Of interest is how Tara relates to her primary school teacher how she is “ashamed to bring my friends home …
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Order our new Prayer book.

Our new prayer book written for those affected by addiction. Forty beautifully illustrated pages with prayers. Please fill in the order form below. All donations kindly received will go towards the financial costs of supporting our nationwide Initiatives. Thank you.
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Temperance Resource Pack

TEMPERANCE SUNDAY REFLECTION – Bishop Eamonn Walsh Andy was six weeks out of treatment when he phoned, Friday afternoon at 4.30p.m., ‘Can we meet Eamonn, I am desperate and on the drink’. I suggested that we talk when he was sober, to which he replied – ‘I can only talk when I am …
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Lenten Period

LENT: Alcohol – Our Culture – Our Challenge With alcohol costing our country billions a year, along with the trail of destruction it leaves in its wake to individuals, families and communities. It is a positive sign to finally see movement towards the Government addressing the issues and standing up the powerful drinks industry. …
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Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful For the poor, the persecuted, the sick, and the unemployed; for all those suffering from depression or addiction, and for all those in any kind of danger. For all those struggling with any form of addiction in our parish, especially alcohol, drugs, …
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