Saturday, February 9, 2013

Temperance Sunday 2013

[Tomorrow, 10 February 2013, is Temperance Sunday. Temperance Sunday precedes Ash Wednesday on 13 February, the beginning of Lent.]
"Temperance Sunday - from Logos Missalette
I have yet to meet anyone who regrets that their parents were sober, temperate in their use of alcohol, or Pioneers. I have met hundreds whose lives were almost ruined by the misuse of alcohol by themselves or someone close to them, and suffered the poverty, or violence or abuse that went with it. All of us could probably agree with this.I have yet to meet parents who regret that their teenage children do not drink. I’m sure, you, dear reader, would agree. 
Drink Sensibly – Drink Less
In Ireland alcohol is more often abused than sensibly used. The squalor of late-night streets, the drunkenness associated with junior and leaving cert result ‘celebrations; are only some of its side effects. ‘Drink sensibly’ of the ads of alcohol for many would be ‘drink less’, though no ad for alcohol will recommend that! Most important events in Ireland involve an easy availability of alcohol. Many of our young people are drinking too much too young for the good of their physical health, not alone their spiritual well-being, at a time when the peer pressure and advertising impact are high.
Reflect, Thanks and a Call
Temperance Sunday is a day of reflection, of thanks and a call. To reflect as families, communities and as a society on our use of alcohol, to thank God for it as a gift to be moderately used and to be truly grateful for the example of people who use alcohol sensibly; and it is a call to educate by word and example a younger generation in the use of alcohol. Temperance Sunday is a day that we say, as a church, that we are concerned for the problems in our society caused through abuse of alcohol and want to be committed to doing something positive about them. So it is a day when we pray for and try to help people who are in any way effected by alcoholism - their own or that of others.
Lord, make us truly grateful for the gifts of your creation, and may we use them wisely for our own good and the good of others."
Donal Neary SJ
A previously posted homily for Temperance Sunday, “Matt Talbot – Triumph over Alcohol Addiction,” by Fr. Tommy Lane can be found at