Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prayer for Recovery from Addiction

by Anonymous

How much time has passed since I really felt free?

My shackles seem locked tight and I can

think of nothing but the endless days and

nights before me.

When will peace return?

Looking in a mirror, I weep to see myself old

and worn.

“Once more, then I’ll stop. Once again and

no more…”

But today

I met you unexpectedly, God. I can’t say why,

But I felt your presence.

Lord, you are the only one who can heal me.

You can break my shackles of addiction;

I’m too weak to break them myself.

Show me your power, mercy, and tenderness.

Forgive my craziness and uncertainty.

Be the Food that will make me strong enough

to say “No” and walk away.

Let me look at you with the clear eyes of

new-found faith, and believe in a new day

dawning. Amen.