Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Recovery Meditation Guide

Love & Service:  A Meditation Guide for People in Recovery 
by Dave M.*
 Edited from the FORWARD:

"The purpose of this (128 page) work is to provide my fellows in recovery an effective means to deepen their relationship with a God of their understanding through prayer and meditation.

While facilitating retreats and workshops, folks have expressed to me their desire for more. They’ve been through the basics, found self-help information that garners more self-centeredness than
God-consciousness and suspect they’re ready to move on.

Love & Service provides access to God-consciousness in a spiritual rather than specifically religious format. It shares the wisdom of ages past with coaching and insight on the specifics of abandoning ones self to God. 
The inspiration for Love & Service came from Imitation of Christ (IOC) by Thomas A. Kempis. Love & Service continues IOC’s tradition of a candid and conversational style. This work is meant to be a liberation from worldly inclinations as well as a recollection as a preparation for prayer and the consolations of prayer.

References in this guide will appear periodically to Alcoholics Anonymous (“Big Book”) along with the page number."

*Note:  Dave describes himself as a happily married retired businessman, retreat facilitator, founder of www.spiritualretreatsteps.com, Benedictine Oblate, and trusted servant to those in AA and Al-Anon.