Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Saints Found God’s Will

Regarding the book written by Julie Onderko, titled: Discover Your Next Mission from God: Saints who found God's will--and how you can too, Sophia Institute Press (2015), the publisher states in part the following:

“God created each person for a specific purpose and with a specific mission. How do I find out what that mission is?

Every saint in heaven once asked this question. Their path to discovering God’s will was often frustrating and tedious, but their reward for perseverance is eternity in heaven.

In this book the author uncovers the lives of countless saints to show how they searched for — and ultimately discovered — God’s will for their lives. By reflecting on the decisions, circumstances, and ever-guiding love of God in the saints’ lives, you’ll come to a greater knowledge of how to see and live the plan He has for your life...”

In Chapter 4 titled “Practice Humility, The Essential Ingredient,” Venerable Matt Talbot is the focus on pages 35-40, which can be read at