Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Sons of Matt Talbot"

"Sons of Matt Talbot" was an organization founded in 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Fr. Ralph Pfau. It was created for Catholic alcoholics who had achieved sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and wanted to better understand their Catholic faith.
Non-Catholic recovering alcoholics were also welcome to join. Fr. Pfau clearly stated that this group was not an AA activity nor associated with AA.

We are grateful to Amy Filiabeau, AA World Services Archives Director, and Michelle Mirza, Assistant Archivist, for providing a copy of this rare pamphlet, "Sons of Matt Talbot."

To read this pdf pamphlet after downloading and viewing the cover page "Coat of Arms," click your "View" button at the top left of your screen, drop down to click "rotate view," and lastly click "counterclockwise."

"Sons of Matt Talbot" Pamphlet.pdf
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