Sunday, March 28, 2010

Actor Seamus Ford portrays Matt Talbot in 1988 video

A rarely available copy of Matt Talbot-Servant of God 1856-1924 on VHS is currently for sale on eBay, with the following description:

"Matt Talbot worked in a Dublin timber yard at the turn of the century. At an early age he became addicted to alcohol. He experienced a conversion and went on to lead a life of asceticism and sanctity. In this video, Matt "returns" to present day Dublin. He relives the story of his life and conversion in dramatic fashion. Matt Talbot is played by Seamus Ford. one of Ireland's most accomplished actors."

More information about this video can be found at
This video, produced by the Daughters of St. Paul (Pauline Books & Media), runs 45 minutes but is no longer in stock.

Note update: This video is no longer available on the eBay link above but is available on YouTube as noted in our September 25, 2010 post at