"From his early teenage years Matt grew increasingly dependent on alcohol. By his mid 20s he was an alcoholic. He was ruled by his passion for alcohol and had even stolen from a blind man to quench what had become an insatiable and uncontrollable appetite.

The curiosity and impulsiveness of teenage years was the context for his experiment with alcohol. He lived in a capital city in which there were so many poor and living in squalid conditions. His father and brothers were in similar difficulties.

Matt’s path to freedom was based on a simple lifestyle and dedication to prayer. He rose early in the morning to pray and went to early morning Mass. 

Our knowledge of his life is based on what others have told us of him. Since he left no writings,  what we know of him is based on the witness of his family, his work colleagues, his friends and the people he encountered. 

He himself was merciful; he told his sister, ”never think harshly of a person because of the drink;  it’s easier to get out of hell than to give up the drink, for me it was only possible with the help of God and our blessed Mother”.

Any person can suffer the consequences of impulsiveness and curiosity. Matt, with the help of God’s grace and love, came to discover a better way."

Matt had someone to listen to him in Holy Cross. Christ gives us the grace to listen. Matt responded to this kindness. His devotion to Mary, to the Mass, to persevering prayer, to reading in the Catholic tradition, to the Franciscan Third Order, gave him grace to conquer.