Saturday, October 27, 2012

Patrons St. Matthias and Ven. Matt Talbot

Besides the well-known St. Monica, a much lesser-known saint who is periodically listed as a patron saint of alcoholics is St. Matthias. Both St. Matthias and Ven. Matt Talbot  are discussed in This Saint Will Change Your Life by Thomas Craughwell.
(To read their entry insert "Matthias" or "Talbot" into the "Look Inside" box.)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Online Copy of "Life of Matt Talbot"(1928) by Sir Joseph Glynn

In June, 2011, we noted a 1928 book review of Life of Matt Talbot by Sir Joseph Glynn, which was the first biography about Matt Talbot

While copies of this long our-of-print 1928 edition occasionally appear for sale, the only free edition available online at that time was the 1942 edition

With great appreciation to the Glynn family (and their solicitor), a transcript of the original publication is now available free online at