Tuesday, April 30, 2013

St. Jude Prayer for Addiction


A prayer for the intercession of Venerable Matt Talbot for those suffering from addiction (found, for example, at http://www.matttalbot.ie/prayers.htm and http://www.matttalbot.ie/petitions.htm) does not preclude a prayer for the intercession of St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes and desperate situations.

“God in heaven, help me to know your love includes me, even when I fail. Open my heart to your healing power. Come, Lord Jesus, and calm the waters of my soul just as you whispered “peace” to the stormy sea. St. Jude, most holy apostle, in my need I cry out to you. I pray that you will intercede for me so that I may find strength to overcome my weakness. Bless me with your mercy, and bless all those who struggle with addiction. Touch them, heal them, reassure them of the Father’s constant love. Remain at my side, St. Jude, to chase away all evil temptations, fears, and doubts. May the quiet assurance of your loving presence illuminate the darkness in my heart and bring lasting peace. Amen.

Post your prayer or petition below for those suffering from addiction. Or if you would like, send your special intentions for those suffering from addiction to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine of St. Jude where it will be prayed for by the Claretians."

There might also be value in reading some of the prayers or petitions of others at 563 Comments »

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Secret of Granby Lane

This 1960’s one-half hour syndicated television drama about Matt Talbot at is from an anthology series presented by The Hour of St. Francis. It was produced by Father Hugh Noonan, OFM (1907-1974) of Los Angeles, who had created a radio program with the same name years before. The host of this drama is American actor, Stephen McNally (1913-1994).
Although Matt collapsed and died on Granby Lane in Dublin on Trinity Sunday, 7 June 1925, his “secret” in the title was not actually identified until his body was taken to Jervis Street Hospital. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prayer for Recovery from Addiction

by Anonymous


How much time has passed since I really felt free?

My shackles seem locked tight and I can

think of nothing but the endless days and

nights before me.

When will peace return?

Looking in a mirror, I weep to see myself old

and worn.

“Once more, then I’ll stop. Once again and

no more…”

But today

I met you unexpectedly, God. I can’t say why,

But I felt your presence.

Lord, you are the only one who can heal me.

You can break my shackles of addiction;

I’m too weak to break them myself.

Show me your power, mercy, and tenderness.

Forgive my craziness and uncertainty.

Be the Food that will make me strong enough

to say “No” and walk away.

Let me look at you with the clear eyes of

new-found faith, and believe in a new day

dawning. Amen.