Friday, January 16, 2009

Communion Reflection on Change

Saint Anthony Catholic Church Bulletin
05 March 2006
Kraainem, Belgium

If we wish to change the outer aspects of our lives, we must first change the inner attitudes of our minds. The miracle of inner change is possible. History and literature are full of examples: Paul on the road to Damascus, Charles Dickens' miser Scrooge, Matt Talbot the alcoholic. Something happened inside each of these, and they become new people.

Change requires the substituting of new habits for old ones. It calls for self-discipline. You have to command yourself and make yourself do what needs to be done.

The change of heart to which Lent calls us can be accomplished most of all through the power of prayer.

Lord, each spring you renew the face of the earth. May you also renew each of us, so that we may be able to celebrate Easter in newness of mind and heart.


Note: Even the mention of Matt Talbot in this brief reflection can enhance peoples' awareness of his existence and potential influence.