Monday, November 20, 2017

Christ as Your Brother and Friend

The following excerpt is from a 2017 Easter message by Fr. John Lynch at,15417?
As a side note, when Matt Talbot is grouped with other holy people as examples in a homily, article, or book, one might note what characteristics the group might share or represent, which is evident here.

“...No two lives are alike. The 20th century saw countless men and women who lived their friendship with Christ in vastly different ways, people like Dorothy Day, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity, St. John Paul II or a recovered alcoholic named Matt Talbot. Some of them wandered far away before they came home to their Friend. But home they came, to know the joy of his forgiveness.

Your life is different as well. You may know poverty or wealth, have a host of friends or a handful, be healthy or chronically ill, enjoy fame or live in obscurity.

Against the background of eternity, none of this matters. What does matter is that the Easter message comes to life in your heart. Christ, God’s Son and your Brother, lives. Here, today. He is your Friend. As you say “I do” to the promises, and sing the Great Amen at the end of the Eucharistic prayer, I hope you will give those words this meaning: “Lord, you are my Friend. I am yours. And, from this moment on, my life, here each Sunday and holy day, out there each weekday, will prove it.” 

If this is what you mean, if you live as a friend of your crucified and victorious Lord, your Easter is happy. It will be forever...”